Bruce cutting a sign in metal Artist Bruce Cartier has been cutting steel since he was just a boy. Today, his handcrafted, custom works adorn homes and cabins across the country. The charming, rustic, appeal and striking natural scenes of his work enhance any space.

Both decorative and utilitarian, Cartier's work combines artistry with purpose. "I love making something that is already functional also attractive," he says. His long list of products reflects this ethic. From coat racks, and fishing rod holders, to railings, and fireplace doors, his unique pieces reflect both his commitment to quality and an obvious love of nature.

various metal artwork

In addition to the products Cartier has available in stores across the Midwest, he also does custom work. If you are looking for something special, for your home or cabin, please contact us.

Nature's Shadow
Beautiful, rustic metal artwork of nature
for your home, cabin or office