About Us

Beautiful, rustic artwork
of nature for your home,
office or cabin

Bruce and Theresa Cartier Founded in 1994 by husband and wife team Bruce and Theresa Cartier, Nature's Shadow has been growing steadily since that time. While Bruce is responsible for the artistry and steel cutting, Theresa takes care of a lot of the behind the scenes work. "She's really the vice president of everything," Bruce says affectionately of his wife's participation. Together, they have made and grown the business.

What started for Bruce simply as a love of working with his hands has grown into beautiful steel-cut works of art depicting the scenes of nature.

Growing up on a farm, Bruce started using his hands from an early age.

"I come from a family of handy people," says Bruce. "I learned how to cut steel when I was just a boy." At the time he used this skill primarily to repair farm equipment like plows and corn planters. Eventually he also started making bigger items like trailers.

It evolved into the form you see today as he was driving down the road one day. "I first got the idea when I saw a moose on a mailbox. It was completely out of proportion. I thought, I could make a better one than that," he shares. "When I got home I drew it up, cut it out, and put it on our mailbox."

Since then Bruce has designed and cut all sorts of things from steel: moose, bears, wolves, deer, trees, caribou, ducks, horses, fish, and more. Some of his custom work has even included things like trains and motorcycles. Most of his creations, however, are inspired by his time in the outdoors and his many travels.

It was actually while traveling in South Africa that Bruce got the idea for his fire grates. His many hunting and camping trips with his family in Alaska have inspired another large portion of his work. "When you are up in Alaska, you see so many more animals and aspects of nature. I'll see something and think, I could make that into a coat rack."

"I like the challenge of creating something new," he says. "But I'm also a utilitarian. I get the most pleasure from making something that is beautiful and useful."

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